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Davidoff produces premium lines of cigars, cigarillos and small cigars as well as pipes, tobacco, humidors and upscale accessories such as cigar cutters and cases. The Swiss company, which produced Cuban cigars for decades, now produces from the Dominican Republic. Consequently, its original Cubans are some of the most sought-after cigars in the world. However, experts agree that the Davidoff Dominican cigars are excellent—a new cigar for a new generation of smokers.

One of the oldest tobacco companies in the world, Davidoff offers a superior range of products, designed to suit the taste and preferences of nearly every cigar aficionado. Tobacco used for the company’s cigars is grown in rich soil specifically chosen for its magnificent end results. Davidoff offers many series of cigars, including the Series Classic; the Series Grand Cru; and the special Limited Edition line, which produces a very limited number of cigars each year. Davidoff also blends the world’s finest grades of pipe tobacco for its consumers. It offers seven types of mixtures (such as Scottish, English and Green) as well as Flake Medallions. The company also manufactures accessories that make the smoking experience even more enjoyable: top-grade humidors, cigar cutters, lighters, cigar and pipe cases, and exquisite ashtrays.