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Recognized by most industry insiders as the most exceptional Cuban-tradition cigars in the world, Montecristo cigars were created in the 1930s by two Cubans who had recently purchased the popular H. Upmann cigar line. Wanting to make their own mark on the brand, they established the Montecristo cigars, naming the line after the romantic Alexandre Dumas novel, The Count of Montecristo. Today, the Montecristo creators make their bestselling cigars available to lucky cigar lovers throughout the globe.

The line of Montecristo offerings has changed through the years, growing from the five original cigars to more than a dozen sizes, in addition to others available in limited release and regional release. Montecristo also offers three types of machine-rolled cigarillos: the Mini, the Club and the Purito. This company has perfected the art of the Cuban cigar, producing superior products that consumers recognize for their uniformly perfect flavor, enticing aroma and flawless construction.