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Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal is one of the most popular Scotch whiskeys in the world. Since 1909, when the Chivas brothers first created the company in the basement of their Aberdeen home, their whiskey has been in high demand by discriminating consumers around the globe. The Chivas Regal distillery is located near Scotland’s River Spey, where the clear waters produce the mellow, smooth taste that Chivas Regal drinkers know and love.

Chivas Regal produces two whiskeys: Regal 12 and Regal 18. Whiskey connoisseurs who try Chivas will instantly notice a difference between the Chivas brand and all others. It’s not only the ingredients, but also the aging process, that gives Chivas Regal a distinct flavor. The Chivas Regal 12 is a 12-year-old whiskey that’s perfect for any occasion. Consumers will notice a slight creaminess when they first taste it, followed by notes of honey, apples, hazelnuts, vanilla and butterscotch. The Chivas Regal 18 is an experience to be savored. A more intense amber color, consumers will taste chocolate and floral notes in this whiskey, followed by a slight smokiness.