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Each day, thousands of years of history come alive for China’s millions of visitors. Some of the most incredible wonders of the world are housed here—the Great Wall, X’ian’s Terracotta Army and the Forbidden Palace, just to name a few must-see destinations. Those interested in spiritual pursuits will enjoy Confucius’ Tomb, Temple and Mansion; the Longmen Buddhist Tombs; the holy Buddhist mountain of Emei Shan; and the Grand Buddha of Leshan, which is carved into a cliff. More recent historical sites, including Tiananmen Square, also enthrall and inspire modern tourists.

In addition to its rich cultural tapestry, China offers plenty of ways to experience its extraordinary landscapes. Practice the ancient art of tai chi on a beach in Sanya, spend a thrilling afternoon rock climbing, explore the region’s bounty of natural caves, or hike a mountainous trail. An unforgettable destination, China also boasts exquisite native cuisine—and is the perfect place to stock up on signature brands through duty-free shopping.

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