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United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates is located on the southeastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula. While this country is comprised mostly of desert, its capital of Dubai is one of the most progressive and affluent cities in the world. Home to the only seven-star hotel, Dubai not only welcomes tourists—it seems to have been built just for their pleasure. In addition to shopping for duty-free bargains, visitors can explore an expansive gold market, browse for high fashion and sample the region’s traditional crafts and spices.

Without question, Dubai is a spectacular travel choice for the whole family. The larger shopping complexes feature movie theatres, mini amusement parks and exciting play areas. Kids of all ages will also enjoy Heritage Village, where you can view artists, potters, weavers and other craftsman hard at work. The Dubai Museum is an exciting destination for visitors who have a penchant for history. Previously used as both a palace and a prison, it now houses a substantial collection of life-size figures and models portraying Arab houses, mosques, date gardens, deserts and sea life.

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