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The Southeast Asian country of Thailand boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, forests, plains and tropical coastlines, promising an array of unforgettable adventures for travelers. Outdoor enthusiasts will cherish the opportunity to take in the natural vistas while perched atop the back of an elephant. For thrill-seekers, Thailand offers whitewater rafting, mountain biking, safaris, rock climbing and scuba diving. Those interested in the local culture can take a journey of discovery to the many temples and architectural sites that are uniquely Thai.

And of course, Thailand is renowned worldwide for its spectacular culinary delights. Visitors can taste some of the traditional dishes—as well as impressive international cuisine—in a variety of fine dining destinations. Massage is an art form that Thais have perfected over centuries, so be sure to book an appointment with one of the country’s skilled practitioners. Thailand is also a shopping mecca, tempting tourists with a variety of irresistible bargains in its duty-free shops.

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