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Central and South America

Central America and South America are resplendent with unforgettable sites, experiences and people. In South America, you can immerse yourself in a world of stunning beaches and scorching temperatures—as well as snow-capped mountains. Brazil, home to the world-famous Carnival and stunning shoreline destinations, is where the samba originated—and it’s a great place to take a dance lesson or two. Tourists interested in history and nature will want to take in the splendor of the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru and the continent’s many rainforests. Sports lovers will relish a trip to South America, where soccer is a way of life!

Central America, too, offers sublime beaches and a thrilling variety of water sports—including surfing, diving, snorkeling and sailing. But where these countries really shine is in their eco-tourism options. Take a canopy tour, where you’ll swing through the treetops like a monkey, and hike through the awe-inspiring forests and mountains. Or visit one of the region’s national parks and animal sanctuaries, such as the Indio-Miaz Biological Reserve in Nicaragua, which features such endangered species as jaguars and giant anteaters. Food lovers will enjoy an array of eclectic eateries which serve up traditional Central and South American fare.

And of course, both Central and South America are a boon for shoppers, boasting plenty of exciting duty-free boutiques!