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Godiva Chocolate Assortment

The Godiva name is synonymous with premium chocolate. Created in Belgium 80 years ago, founder Joseph Draps named his company after the legendary Lady Godiva, choosing a name that symbolized passion, style, sensuality and boldness. From the beginning, Godiva has been known throughout the world for its quality ingredients, European styling and beautiful packaging. Today, it leads the premium confectionary category.

Unlike lower-quality chocolate, Godiva’s bittersweet and milk chocolates are made from high-quality cocoa beans that are processed to velvety smoothness, and all nuts used are U.S. Grade #1. The cherries (for the cherry cordials) are hand-sorted to ensure there are no pits, and all fruits are dried using an expensive process that best captures the full flavor of the fruit—which is often lost when cheaper methods are used.

Godiva has invested in making a wide array of products that please every sweet tooth, and they demonstrate a continued committed to developing exciting new items to tempt customers. Among its most popular products are truffles, which come in dozens of flavors such as key lime, dark chocolate and cappuccino. Ganaches are also top sellers. These molded chocolates are a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth and are available in delectable flavors including white ganache bliss, raspberry ganache twirl and cinnamon blush. In addition to chocolates, Godiva makes cookies, premium cocoas, chocolate bars, coffee and more.