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Hermes Handbag

The name alone is the definition of luxury, and this Paris-based company has been providing clothing and accessories to discriminating customers since its inception in 1837. Hermes began as a saddle shop, which explains its dominance in leather accessories today. It came into popularity as a fashion designer in the 20th century and currently is one of the most respected luxury handbag retailers in the world, known for its use of premium materials and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Consumers know that when they invest in Hermes, they will be able to use their perfectly made bag for many years—even a lifetime.

Hermes takes its designs—and prices—seriously, but it also has fun with style. A perfect example is the Silky Pop silk bag, which unzips from a wallet-sized case into a full-size tote with silk lining and silver-plated zipper. When you’re finished with it, it zips back into its petite carrying case. Another smart innovation can be seen in the company’s Garden Bag, which comes in three sizes to suit any need. All are made of linen with leather straps, and the smallest comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The Petite Ceinture and Harnais designs give customers a choice of two sizes, with the small size available in three colors and the large in two or three colors. The most famous Hermes bag, however, is the Birkin bag, popular with celebrities and upscale shoppers alike.