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AMORO.Com = Duty Free Savings

If you are seeking significant Duty Free Savings on designer quality fine jewelry them Amoro's the brand for you. Amoro is the intelligent alternative for lovers of fine jewelry seeking excellence in exclusive design, gemstones and craftsmanship at significant duty free savings over regular US retail price.

Amoro first started in the Duty Free Caribbean and Amoro.com is part of the DutyFree Holdings Inc. group of companies. Amoro was introduced in 1996 in the Colombian Emeralds International chain of stores a leading retailer in the highly competitive Caribbean luxury retail market. Amoro won the confidence and accolades of many thousands of savvy Duty Free shoppers who repeatedly chose Amoro over famous jewelry brands as they discovered that Amoro offers the same exclusive styling, gemstones and fine craftsmanship as famous names brand jewelry but at great savings. Today Amoro's low overhead internet business model allows everyone to shop for Amoro fine and comparable brands placed their confidence in Amoro fine jewelry at Duty Free prices or better on comparable quality fine jewelry.

What is Tax and Duty Free Shopping

Amoro does not collect sales tax, and offers its fine jewelry collection at Duty Free prices that match or better those found in Duty Free stores in the Caribbean, international airports and cruise ships. You may be familiar with shopping 'tax and duty free' when travelling internationally, where your purchases are exempt from any sales tax (Value Added Tax or VAT in some countries) or the customs duties normally assessed by the United States. These savings can be considerable, often savings 25% or more on fine jewelry. Sometimes savings of 50% and more can be made compared with comparable famous name brands. Compare here...

How can Amoro sell at Duty Free prices?

Amoro was first started in the Caribbean duty free market in 1996. It was introduced as a value added, luxury brand priced to sell at significantly lower prices than the duty free price of comparable famous name branded jewelry. Despite competing with thousands of other duty free jewelers Amoro met with considerable success with tens of thousands of savvy shoppers choosing Amoro to celebrate their vacation or special occasions. Amoro can price its items at much better values than famous name brands by often commissioning the same craftsmen used by important brands to make its exclusive designs and by not engaging in very costly advertising campaigns Amoro can pass the savings on to its customers. How can Amoro ship to me in the US at Tax and Duty Free prices?

Although Duty Free stores in the Caribbean, Airports and Cruise ships may not have to pay taxes and duties their costs to operate are extremely high. Rent alone often approaches 20% to even 30% of their total revenue.Because of its low cost to operate internet business model Amoro is currently able to ship sales tax free in the US and while selling at Duty Free prices Amoro in fact pays the US import Duty but includes it in your Duty Free price without charge to you. Amoro gives its customers the opportunity to enjoy Duty Free shopping from the comfort of your home and is so confident that you will be delighted with its exclusive designs, great quality and prices Amoro will ship your selection free of charge and should it not delight you Amoro also pays for your return shipping. For customers residing outside of the U.S, please be advised you will be responsible for customs and/or duty charges on goods entering your own country.

Comparing Duty Free prices with Regular Retail Pricing

Regular Price reflects the estimated retail price for an item of exclusive fine jewelry of the same gemstone and precious metal content and quality at regular US retail. Savings can be 25% and more on many items. Check out our sale section for even greater savings on liquidation Duty Free Specials.

Famous name designer jewelry of the same gemstone and precious metal content and quality retails at significantly higher prices than Regular Prices. Savings can be 50% and more on many items. Compare here...

Amoro Fine Jewelry is exclusively available on line at Duty Free and Tax Free prices delivered free in the US.

Baccarat Crystal Pendant

Headquartered in Paris, Baccarat is a 200-year-old company that continues to delight and inspire customers all over the world with its exquisite creations. Started in 1765 by a bishop who wanted to encourage industry in the little French village of Baccarat, the company built its product line around glassware. By the 1800s, Baccarat was famous for its leaded-crystal glass and has been a leader in developing new crystal glass techniques ever since. Through the years, Baccarat became known for crystal paperweights, decanters and bottles and crystal sculptures of animals and birds. The company and its top-quality products are among the most popular luxury gifts in the world.

Though initially based on crystal glass, Baccarat now incorporates many materials into its collections of jewellery and accessories and home and décor products (decoration, tableware, and lighting and furniture). Baccarat jewellery is some of the most beautiful anywhere, offering a stunning assortment of rings, pendants, chokers, chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Designed to give customers an easy way to pull a look together, Baccarat designed several jewellery collections featuring some of its signature styles: Blossom (floral-inspired), Boheme (clear crystal), Bulles (crystals and pearls), Eclipse (iridescent crystals), Galet (onyx and ruby crystals), Medicis (crystals and yellow gold), Sherazade (clear and ruby crystals and silver) and Tentation (clear and colored crystal orbs).

Swarovski Crystal Earrings

When people think of “crystal,” they think of Swarovski. In 1892, Bohemian-born Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic cutting machine, allowing people to cut crystal to perfection—much more accurately and brilliantly than had ever been done before. Swarovski and two other men formed the Swarovski company in 1895, focusing on business applications of crystal. One half of the Swarovski company still emphasizes its business partner relationships, supplying crystal components and Strass Swarovski crystals to the interior and lighting design industry.

The other half of the company is devoted to jewellery, accessories and home décor. Swarovski launched its first line of jewellery in 1977, and the world of fashion has never been the same. Today, the company makes couture handbags, watches, accessories, figurines and collectibles, and home décor objects—all inspired by a superbly creative Parisian team. But fashion enthusiasts around the globe are drawn to the company’s jewellery. The couture collection of jewellery—including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs—features unique items that consumers can’t find anywhere else. From its “Edie Ring” with two nacreous crystal pearls, to the “Éclair Bracelet” with pearls, mirrors and square crystals held together by a chain, Swarovski jewellery is at the forefront of modern style.