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Bulgari Men's Watch

For more than a century, the Italian company of Bulgari has produced gorgeous jewellery and accessories that have captured the imagination of all who wear them. The company’s founder, Sortirio Bulgari, was Greek, though he thoroughly embraced the Italian culture. Both influences can be felt in designs both past and present—inspirations taken from ancient mythology, kept modern with uniquely contemporary touches. Bulgari is one of the top players in the luxury market, its watches and jewellery sold in today’s most luxurious boutiques. Customers worldwide know Bulgari for its exciting, impeccable style and exceptional service.

Bulgari watches adorn the wrists of discriminating men and women around the globe. Beyond keeping track of time, each piece is a powerful fashion statement that reflects the company’s jewel expertise. The High Jewellery Watches, for example, are brilliantly accented with hundreds of diamonds and other gemstones on the case, buckle, bracelet and dial. Experienced craftsmen spend hundreds of hours on every watch to create a unique and spectacular masterpiece. Another remarkable Bulgari collection is the prestigious Grandes Complications, which celebrates the combination of traditional Swiss watchmaking and bold Italian design.